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Why do we sell AFM SAFECOAT®?

Why do we sell AFM SAFECOAT®?

In 2007, when we (Daniel and Delphine Stephens) started thinking about our new business BgreenToday/BuildgreenToday, we realized the AFM SAFECOAT® was going to be at the center of the Building Supply side of our business.

Since 1983, AFM Safecoat® has been  the original building products brand dedicated to helping its customers live healthier, sensitivity-free lives. 

All AFM products are uniquely formulated to eliminate toxic emissions and prevent poor indoor air quality – creating healthy homes, schools and offices, and ultimately, protecting the environment.

AFM has been on a mission to transform traditional industry formulas into healthier alternatives as a direct result of the founder’s own chemical sensitivities. That’s 40 years’ experience creating products that can improve indoor air quality and solve problems related to “sick building syndrome!” 

AFM is an Industry Leader for Good Reasons

As the demand for safer building products continues to increase, brands large and small have started offering their own nontoxic and zero-to-low VOC solutions. But therein lies the problem. The rush to introduce “safer” products has allowed manufacturer’s to only meet the regulatory minimum requirements. 

As much as this has raised the bar, it still falls short of the goal. For example, zero VOC products can still contain unregulated ingredients called Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs). All AFM products are HAPs free. Each component in AFM’s formulations comes from quality, highly refined raw materials, resulting in the “cleanest” products (in terms of chemical toxicity) available – products that do not cause or contribute to indoor or outdoor air pollution. 

These were enough reasons to stock the entire line of AFM Safecoat products and start selling them locally in Ann Arbor out of our home before we opened our first location. We knew there was no other line that would be as comprehensive as AFM Safecoat, the leading provider of environmentally responsible, sustainable and non-polluting paints, stains, wood finishes, sealers and related green building products. 



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