AFM Safecoat New Wallboard Primecoat HPV


Color: Super Opaque
size: Gallon
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A premium quality, fast-curing, flat-finish primer that provides a superior prime coat over interior surfaces such as new gypsum wallboard and textured sheetrock. It equalizes the absorption rate of topcoat paints over a variety of surfaces with different porosities and helps to eliminate decorating problems over textured sheetrock and tape joints on wallboard.

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Prime Before you Paint

It is always good to Prime before you paint. AFM has a Wall Primer, New Dry Wall Primer and Metal Primer...

Transitional Primer Versus New Wall Board

AFM Transitional Primer is the perfect Solution for walls they are already Painted.

The New Wall Board HPV has been created for new gypsum board and textured sheetrock.

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AFM Metalcoat

AFM Metalcoat would be the perfect Primer for any Metal painting projects such as garage doors

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