E Collection Quartz Countertop


Color: Cemento

Pricing is per square foot which includes the following:

  • Material
  • Measurement 
  • Fabrication 
  • Installation
  • No Sales Tax on installed jobs.

Care and Maintenance:

Maintaining your new quartz countertop is easy.  Simply wash with a soft cloth and warm water, use a mild soap if desired.  Cleansers are listed at the bottom of this page.


Sometimes spills occur and dry on the worktop.  Materials that harden as they dry, such as gum, grease, nail polish or paint etc. should be removed by gently scraping away the residue material with a blunt plastic scraper.  Then the quartz surface should be cleaned with a household vinegar/water solution (always follow the manufacturer’s dilution instructions) or with a non-abrasive cleaning pad (such as awhite3MScotch-Brite®) together with a non-bleach, non-abrasive liquid household cleaner and rinsed thoroughly with clean water.  Surface should be dried with a clean white paper towel or white cloth.

Resistance to Stains and Chemicals:

Quartz countertops are non-porous, so spills and stains are not absorbed into the surface, making it stain-resistant.

Permanent markers/inks and some chemicals, solvents or dyes may, however, cause permanent discoloration to the surface and should be avoided.  Should these agents come into contact with the surface, wipe up immediately and rinse with plenty of water.  If the stain persists, moisten a cloth with Goo Gone®, or a comparable product and rub it into the stain.  Rinse thoroughly with warm water to remove any cleaner residue.

DO NOT expose, in use or otherwise, quartz surfaces to abrasive, strong alkaline, acid, free radicals, oxidizers or the like (whether high, neutral or low pH) cleaners.  Avoid exposing your tops to harsh chemicals!

DO NOT use or expose quartz surfaces to such products including, but not limited to bleach, oven cleaners, Comet®, Soft Scrub®, SOS®, products with pumice, batteries, paint removers, furniture strippers, oil soaps, tarnish or silver cleaners, or the like.  DO NOT use abrasive or harsh scrub pads.   DO NOT apply any sealers, penetrants or topical treatments to quartz surfaces under any circumstances.  Such products will wear off and cause the gloss to appear dull or inconsistent.

Heat Resistance: 

Quartz countertops ARE NOT heat proof, chemical proof or fracture proof in any form.  To maintain the beauty of your quartz countertop, DO NOT place hot skillets or roasting pans directly onto the surface.  Also be aware of the potential damage to the surface by heat generating appliances such as electric grills or crockpots.  We recommend the use of trivets and hot pads to prevent heating the top.  As with any natural stone, certain exposure to heat may cause cracks due to thermal shock.

Cuts or Scratches:

Quartz is one of the hardest materials in nature.  That’s why your new quartz countertop will not easily scratch or chip.  We do, however, recommend the use of a cutting board to protect the surface and avoid dulling your knives.

With a small amount of care, your quartz surface will look as great as the day you bought it for years to come.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz is the fourth strongest material on earth after diamond, sapphire, and topaz. When combined with high-quality resins and formed into surfacing slabs, it lasts a lifetime, is completely hygienic, and is resistant to impact, scratching and scorching

How do we work?

If you live in South Eastern Michigan and you would like a quartz countertop in your kitchen, bath or laundry room, we are here for you.

Buildgreen has worked with a local fabricator (SSU) for over a decade. We make sure our local customers can come to our showroom and talk about their projects.

We need a sketch of your project. You pick a color and we can start the process with a quote.

Solid Surfaces will measure, fabricate and install your countertop.

Give us a call at 734-214-3003 or stop by 4095 Stone School Rd in Ann Arbor and we will get the ball rolling.

Shown: Stony Creek Brushed from the D Collection.

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Kitchen and Bathroom sinks.

Buildgreen offers a collection of kitchen and bathroom sinks to our customers. Sinks are only sold with the purchase of a countertop installed by SSU.

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Benefits of working with Buildgreen & Solid Surfaces:

  • Electronic Templating. Substrates and millwork can be quickly and accurately templated and the data transferred to production through AutoCAD.
  • Computerized Manufacturing. Our state-of-the-art production facility utilizes computerized processing equipment, including CNC, waterjet and automated edge polishing machines.
  • Green Manufacturing. Solid Surfaces Unlimited recycles 100% of the water used in processing its decorative surfacing projects. Waste products and consumables are recycled where possible.
  • Consistent Quality. Computerized equipment is only half the equation when it comes to providing consistency and quality of finish. Our team of trained craftsmen rely on years of experience to respond to changes as they arise.
  • On Time. Time is money, and we do all we can to ensure your project is delivered and/or installed when it is needed. Within Budget.
  • We take great pride in our ability to accurately estimate project costs before we bid the job. Likewise, change orders and additions are generated quickly and professionally to provide you the tools you need to control costs and overruns.