Cali Complete All-in-One Underlayment and Metal Tape


Product : All-in-One Underlayment
Size: 1.5 mm

Complete All-in-One Underlayment.

Priced per Carton.

100 square feet/carton.

Dimension: 312” x 46-1/4” x 1.5mm  /  312” x 46-1/4” x 2.0mm

This all-in-one underlayment is designed for moisture and vapor protection for all subfloors and floor types. The do-it-all, non-toxic sheet also achieves better overall noise reduction. Cali Complete thermal insulation makes floors warmer and more comfortable. Interlocking edges and a fan-fold design mean simple installations for homeowners and pros alike. And as an added plus for the planet, Cali Complete is 100% recyclable. Pair with Metallized Seaming Tape to ensure a full moisture barrier, even over concrete. 

Product Highlights
  • Specialized grip surface on top of each sheet helps to keep flooring planks from sliding out of place
  • Provides cushioning which softens creaking noise and helps to smooth out small subfloor imperfections
  • For moisture protection over concrete subfloors, use metallized tape to seal off installation perimeter and along sheet seams
  • Odorless, non-toxic, and 100% recyclable

Metalized Aluminum Seal Tape

Use with Cali Complete underlayment to seal interlocking edges and provide a moisture-proof, vapor-tight bond. Tape is wider than average to aid in more efficient installations. One roll will seal 3 sheets of underlayment. Metalized Seal Tape is recommended especially when installing on a concrete subfloor.

  • Vapor-tight seal
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Ultra-low VOC and FloorScore certified

    Eco-Engineered Bamboo

    • Engineered click-lock planks measure 72-7/8 in long x 5-5/16 in wide x 9/16 in thick
    • Ultra-low VOC and FloorScore certified, making it safe for families and pets, with adhesives that fall well below E0 emissions standards
    • Enjoy peace of mind knowing flooring is backed by a 50-year residential warranty and a 15-year light commercial warranty

    Water Resistant
    Easy to Clean
    Ultra-Low VOC and FloorScore Certified

    Eco-Engineered Bamboo ( Natural)

    If a floor ever evoked a sense of joy and happiness, Natural Fossilized® Hybrid engineered hardwood flooring is the one. A perfect golden honey color, this floor instantly brightens living spaces like a fresh bouquet of summer flowers. The versatile color is your go-to option for a clean and simple style, visually opening up small spaces, or creating a crisp modern look. Natural bamboo flooring is your blank canvas for making those happy family memories you'll cherish forever.

    Eco-Engineered Bamboo Available in:

    Natural Altitude (Shown), Oyster bay Corona, Mocha Altitude, Java Altitude

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    Eco-Engineered Bamboo (Oyster Bay)

    Engineered bamboo flooring features all the benefits and beauty of a solid Fossilized bamboo floor, but is made for more challenging climates and temperamental spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. Each plank combines an extra-thick top wear layer of bamboo over a cross-constructed sustainable wood core, resulting in the hardest engineered floor on the market. Its innovative design means planks can be cut extra wide and require 60% less acclimation time -- resulting in speedy, sturdy installations.

    Shown Color: Oyster Bay Corona

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    Eco-Engineerd Bamboo, which underlayment?

    About Cali Complete

    All-in-One Underlayment

    • Do-it-all underlayment provides complete moisture and vapor protection for all flooring types in floating installations. Covers 100 sqft.
    • Reduce in-room noise and impact sound for quieter, more pleasant spaces
    • Sheets provide thermal insulation to make rooms more comfortable through each season
    • Easy to install with interlocking edges and a lightweight, fan-fold design which is simple to custom cut