Modular Planks - 39.37"X9.84"X.1"


Per Box

Color: Black Sheep

Modular Planks - 40" X 10"

 39.87" x 9.84" to be exact and 2.5mm thick.

Each Box contains 32.29 square feet or 12 planks.

Shipping & Handling   $25.00 /ctn up to $150.00

Free Shipping for orders of $2,500 and up

 Marmoleum Modular  planks combine modern design with outstanding functionality. A powerful trend flooring - even for high traffic areas.

The sustainable linoleum  stand for a healthier indoor climate and a responsible use of the environment. The colors are presented in visuals of wood,  and a vibrant embossed designs that change with every angle you look at it.

Installation Guide. Click here.

Naturally beautiful, durable, sustainable and healthy!

Get Creative with Marmoleum

Marmoleum is made from Limestone and Linseed Oil.

A great product for Kitchens, Basements and Bathrooms

Marmoleum Glue Down Tiles or Cinch Loc Seal Floating Floor

Are great Options for Kitchen, Bath, Basement and Laundry Room but it is also installed in your living area or bedrooms.

About Marmoleum:

Naturally beautiful, durable, sustainable and healthy! Forbo Marmoleum floors are associated with sustainability, durability, high quality and innovative design. Our Marmoleum range includes solutions for virtually any type of application. Discover the natural beauty of Marmoleum flooring with over 300 colors & designs, ranging from marbled to linear and concrete, available in sheet, tiles & planks.

Marmoleum in so many colors

Each Marmoleum line comes in specific colors. OUr customers usually decide on theinstallation and than check the available colors.

Click and Lock Seal

The new Marmoleum Cinch Loc Seal collection with waterproof core, provides a beautiful, healthy, easy-to-clean floor that is kid-proof, pet-proof, and waterproof! Available in a variety of colors and 2 versatile formats (12”x12” squares and 12”x36” planks)


A 13" x 13" (2mm thick) Glue Down Tile that is durable, cost-effective and sustainable.

Available in 40 colors, it is a great options for checker board designs.

Modular Tiles

Marmoleum Modular tile range presents over 50 colours and designs in 3 tile sizes. It offers endless choice to create inspiring floor designshe planks and tiles are created around visuals of wood, concrete, stone and marble and can be used to mix and match or on their own, both delivering a beautiful sustainable floor.