Metalized Aluminum Seal Tape


Per Carton

Use with Cali Complete underlayment to seal interlocking edges and provide a moisture-proof, vapor-tight bond. Tape is wider than average to aid in more efficient installations. One roll will seal 3 sheets of underlayment. Metalized Seal Tape is recommended especially when installing on a concrete subfloor.

  • Vapor-tight seal
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


fast-growing and harvested sustainably

Solid Bamboo Floors

The hardest Solid Floor on the market.

Available in Long (72") or Short planks

Tongue and Groove or Click

Shown: Java Standard Solid (36")

Water Resistant
Easy To Clean
Eco Friendly

Solid Bamboo

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth and can be harvested sustainably without causing any damage to the plant or surrounding environment, thereby providing a viable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional lumber

  • Planks are made of solid bamboo with a tongue-and-groove milling system or a Click and Lock Floating System
  • Built to last and backed by a 50-year residential/15-year commercial warranty
  • Shown: In Wide Natural T&G

The CALI® Difference

The proprietary manufacturing process used to make our Fossilized® bamboo flooring packs 30% more
raw material into each plank, making them far denser than traditional hardwood. This also results in scores
topping 5000 on the Janka Hardness Scale. That unmatched durability is available in a wide array of style
options -- offering rich colors, hand-scraped and distressed surfaces, various lengths and widths, colorcoordinated accessories, and both click-lock and tongue-and-groove milling. It’s a brand of quality that
makes building green the smartest option.

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Solid Bamboo in an Antique Look

Designed for homeowners who want a rustic aesthetic without sacrificing elegance, this Fossilized flooring is uniquely distressed for added visual texture. Each plank is a work of art -- meticulously hand-scraped for a naturally aged look and feel.

Shown: Antique Java Wide Solid

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