Vermont Suncare 900


Color: Clear
size: 5 Gallon
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Vermont Natural Coatings and Böhme’s Suncare 900 is an exterior pre-treatment for new or bare softwood. It penetrates deeply to provide a beautiful uniform look and increases the life of the topcoat. Additional Product Information:
Surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned and dried.
Ideal as a pre-treatment for whitewoods and softwoods.
For use on untreated new or bare exterior wood.

Outdoor products

Vemont Natural Coating, Bohme, Rubio and AFM

We offer healthy natural options for your outdoor projects.

Vermont Exterior Penetrating Stain– Outstanding Protection

Vermont Natural Coatings Exterior Wood products deliver outstanding protection for exterior wood surfaces like siding, decking and furniture. Choose from a large list of exterior coatings, including our Exterior Penetrating Stains that provide UV protection, sealer and attractive colors or Exterior Penetrating Water Proofer Infused With Juniper for unmatched moisture, mold and mildew protection while allowing wood to gray/age naturally.

Penetrating Water Proofer Infused With Juniper

Vermont Natural Coatings Water Proofer infused with juniper stabilizes and seals wood from the inside, extending wood life by controlling moisture flow to reduce mold, mildew and decay.

Hydro Oil Primer

Vermont Natural Coatings and Böhme’s Hydro oil primer is for use on bare exterior wood to stabilize the wood structure and extend the life of the wood.

Ideal for use on all species of Cedar.

AFM Safecoat Poly BP Exterior

Safecoat Polyureseal EXT is a premium quality crystal clear acrylic urethane that provides a tough, durable surface for exterior use on walkways, pool decks, floors, patios and showrooms.

Rubio Hybrid Wood Protector

Hybrid Wood Protector is a genuine ‘monocoat’, suitable for coloring and protecting exterior wood in 1 single layer. The exterior oil finish protects wooden decks, patios, façades, doors, shutters, carports, garden furniture, gazebos, pergolas, etc. from discoloration and weathering. The easy application and maintenance makes this oil an exceptionally user-friendly product.

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Terra Plus – Exterior Deck Stain

Vermont Natural Coatings and Böhme’s Terra Plus Exterior deck stain is for use on decking and exterior stairs. Use on new or properly prepared decks. Böhme hybrid-oil stains and finishes provide the appearance and feel of a traditional oil finish without any of the toxic ingredients.

Non-slip surface.

Strong resistance to foot traffic.

Lasting protection against moisture, mold and mildew.

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Exterior Penetrating Stain on White Cedar Door